Implant Care:  The Implant Bridge

In the “old days” of dentistry, when a fixed bridge failed, we would just make another, longer one.  But anybody with knowledge of bridges, either highway bridges or those in dentistry, knows that the longer the bridge, the far greater the stress on the abutments (anchors).  With advances in implants, crown and abutment materials, imaging (CT scanning and optical), and 3D Printing, the duplicating an old 3-tooth bridge, instead of making a longer one,  has become preferred alternative to replacement of a 3-tooth conventional fixed bridge, or any other “long span” partial area of one jaw that is missing (or soon to be missing) teeth.

Below, please find the treatment flow chart for implant bridge therapy.  Notice that we include treatment flows both for situations in which a tooth has been missing for a while, as well as immediate replacement at time of extraction.


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Implant drawing by NobelBiocare and used with permission.  Clinical images are (c) T. Hart

Download a copy of this treatment flow diagram for your personal use.

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