Implant Care:  The Fixed Implant Hybrid Prosthesis

(Conventional or Computer Guided Approach)

The Fixed Hybrid is actually the original usage of dental implants, chronicled as the “high-water prosthesis” by the inventor of the modern root form implant, Swedish Orthopeadic Surgeon Dr. Branemark.


This is essentially a reduced, modified denture affixed to 4 or more implants.  A very complex restoration, it is also the subject of much discussion, since it is a treatment whereby the underlying implants can be precisely placed using a computer guided 3D printed surgical guide.  This results in a delay in placement of the prosthesis.   


Or, the implants can be installed “free-hand”  and a temporary denture can be bolted to the new implants all at once (“Teeth in a Day”).


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Implant drawing by NobelBiocare and used with permission.  Clinical images are (c) T. Hart

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