Implant Care:  The Implant Overdenture

Implant drawing by NobelBiocare and used with permission.  Clinical images are (c) T. Hart

An implant over denture, often called an implant supported denture, represents a significant upgrade to a conventional denture.  The implants are fitted with hardware that is similar to the ball of a trailer hitch, with the corresponding socket installed in the denture.  This system can be retrofitted to an existing denture.  Because of this retrofitting capability, we often will make a brand new denture for a patient.  If he/she finds that works just fine, then we are done!  If not, we can proceed to place the implants and ultimately retrofit to the new denture.


It should be noted that while 2 implants help tremendously, a 3rd or 4th increase the denture’s stability dramatically.  Kind of like thinking of a 2-legged stool.  3 or 4 legs are much more stable.


So, below, please find a treatment flow chart for this type of implant treatment.


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